• Royal Scallop XO Sauce Duo Gift Box

Royal Scallop XO Sauce Duo Gift Box

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  • Made with fresh coastal seafood from Taiwan, along with premium scallops and sakura shrimp, without adding preservatives. Slow-cooked over low heat for an extended period, resulting in a rich and aromatic flavor, providing consumers with an extraordinary taste experience. Suitable for dishes like chow-mein with XO sauce, stir-fried rice with XO sauce, stir-fried vegetables with XO sauce, and steamed cod fish with XO sauce.
  • Contents: Royal Scallop XO Sauce (Extra Spicy) 400g x 1, Royal Scallop XO Sauce (Spicy) 400g x 1
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
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