Crafting Perfection:  Kao Ching Chuan - The Premier Soy Sauce Manufacturer

Step into the magnificent world of Kao Ching Chuan (KCC), where crafting soy sauce is an art form, an orchestra of dedication and tradition orchestrated since our inception in 1939. Ours is a saga spun from the wisdom of our founder, Mr. Kao Ching, who likened soy sauce brewing to nurturing a child – an extraordinary 180-day journey, embracing care and patience.

Healthy Seasoning, Joyful Flavor. Our company anthem begins, setting the tone for the familiar taste of home in every heart. The current chairman, a retired medical professional, ardently upholds the ethos of "artisanal brewing," integrating values of integrity, practicality, and innovation, mirroring a doctor's commitment to health. We implement stringent quality control measures - from the very source to ensure the health and safety of our products.



KCC Black Bean Soy Sauce represents a fusion of tradition and modern A.I. techniques, creating a culinary masterpiece.

Automation complements our processes, yet the essence of fermentation demands time, nurturing soybeans into a symphony of profound, enduring flavor. It is the natural, unwavering commitment to tradition that defines our brew. Soy sauce is made by soaking, steaming, making koji, fermenting through exposure to the sun and night dew, and pressing the black soybeans. Each step of the process can be automated to replace traditional methods, except for fermentation, which requires time.
During fermentation, the proteins in the black soybeans slowly transform into amino acids. This is the most natural and traditional method, the one process that cannot be altered or shortened. High-quality soy sauce is crafted only when black soybeans are granted ample time to ferment, adhering to the natural method that upholds the sauce's signature sweetness, richness, and aromatic qualities.

Heartful Dedication: A Journey of Perseverance

The process of crafting top-quality soy sauce involves several critical factors: careful selection of ingredients, the specific strains of microorganisms used, the purity of the water source, control of the temperature during koji production, and the fermentation process that includes exposure to natural elements like sunlight and night dew. Among these, the temperature during koji production stands out as a vital determinant of the sauce's quality. KCC consistently enhances its koji-making equipment, blending traditional soy sauce crafting techniques with modern advancements, such as the implementation of  climate control fermantation management via an mobile device app. This technological integration ensures a more stable control over temperature and humidity, resulting in soy sauce of higher quality and safety.

The vision of KCC resonates on a global scale, with the goal of sharing the delightful harmony of 'Healthy Seasoning, Joyful Flavor.' Every single drop isn't merely a flavor; it encapsulates an 80-year journey of unwavering devotion and determination, condensed into a precious liquid essence.



Certified with International HACCP Standards
Certified with International ISO 22000 Standards
 Certified for Halal Standards
National Award of Outstanding SMEs


 Heritage Flavors: Our Commitment to Tradition

Recognized with HACCP, ISO 22000, and Halal certifications (for products labeled with the certification), KCC is deeply rooted in preserving local traditions. Our main operations and research teams are established in Taiwan, where recent investments in automated production not only increased capacity but also championed eco-friendly practices. From raw materials to soy sauce, we aim for zero waste, demonstrating our commitment to our planet. With natural gas used throughout the factory, reducing carbon emissions, and employing Japanese MBR technology for wastewater treatment, we've embodied an eco-friendly, less-polluting business strategy, being kind to the Earth, caring for the environment, and upholding our original mission of a happy enterprise and health advocacy.

Simultaneously, we actively collaborate with various academic institutions, organizing culinary competitions to offer learning opportunities for Chef. Chairman Mr. Top Kao often mentions, "Dedication equals expertise; with dedication, everything can be done well," encouraging proactive innovation and a grateful mindset among our team. 

At KCC, the dining table transforms into a medley of emotions, and cooking becomes a joyful symphony. Our soy sauce embodies a symphony of treasured memories, reigniting the harmonious tunes of happiness. The closing notes of our anthem echo the sentiment, "Loved across generations, the world's favorite."



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