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Traditional Sauce Heritage - KCC

Kao Ching Chuan (KCC) was born out of a passion for Asia's signature sauces & condiments, confident in their superior quality, began the evolutionary journey of traditional sauce heritage, taking premium Asian sauces to the next level.

The founder Mr. Kao Ching started brewing premium black bean soy sauce in 1939, starting from a small street stall in central Taiwan using a traditional artisan technique to create what is now a globally recognised product. Mr. Kao has built the name of the brand KCC with his striving to seek the best ingredients and adjusting the formula according to his customers' preferences and tastes.

Mr. Kao's successors later found that to make a good soy sauce, one needs not only excellence in bean quality and ideal climate suited for fermentation, but the texture of water is also a key factor. KCC went on searching for quality water source during the year 1992–1993 and finally found that the best water lies in Nantou County, a place recognised for its stunning natural scenery, lush green fields, mountains and clean water springs, ensures the quality of our product. By utilising the ecological environment to brew velvety smooth, perfect tasting soy sauce.

Core Value & Mission
Four Generations. One Family. The Kaos Remain Committed To The Vision Of Consistently Creating Velvety Smooth, Perfect Tasting Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce.

Every KCC team member are taught to follow the framework of confucianism, it is the duty for each and everyone of us to learn and improve continuously through the wisdom of humble confidence.It is our intention to internationalise the goodness of the thousand years heritage, at the same time promoting the art of authentic Asian cuisine to the global culinary community.
We pride ourselves on providing our consumers with a preservatives and monosodium glutamate free, less sodium soy sauce, manufactured from a strict selection of raw materials, overseen by generations of the Kao family to ensure that we are providing reliable nutritious products to our customers.
Not all sauces are created equal, our range of premium products are the result of the sophisticated balance between reserving our food culture and sourcing natural ingre-dients. Expect only the best of the best because we don’t throw the word ‘Premium’ around loosely. You’ll see what we mean once you open a bottle of KCC sauce and submerge yourself in sensations you never experience before.

KCC Certifications & Awards
80 Years Legacy of Authentic Asian Sauces & Condiments

The History of KCC

Celebrating 80 Years Legacy Of Authentic Taiwanese Taste

The Founder Mr. Kao Ching started brewing black bean soy sauce using traditionally fermented method.
Production facility & distribution network established in central Taiwan.
Incorporated as Ching Chun Sauce Estate.
Becomes board member of the Taiwanese Sauce Association
New state of the art production facility established in Nantou County, Taiwan, famous for its clean spring water and lush green fields, Becomes Taiwan's largest black bean fermentation factory equipped with computerized monitoring system creating the best soy sauce of consistent quality.
HACCP & ISO9001:2000 International system certified by independent laboratory.
KCC's 70th anniversary
KCC Launches E-commerce, consumers can now get hold of the KCC goodness online
KCC earns the highest standard in sustainable business the Taiwan Time-Honored Stores accreditation.
Taiwan production plant & equipment upgrade, fully automated bottling packaging line & artificial intelligence fermentation system.
KCC Launches Android & IOS online store mobile app.
Certificated with National Award of Outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises.
KCC Production Plants & Equipements
The Remarkable Blend Of Traditional Artisan Skills And Modern Fermenting Technology

KCC delivers unrivalled masterpieces and extraordinary culinary experiences through decades of research & development, with the new state of the art 2.6 hectare production facility in Nantou, Taiwan, KCC becomes the country's largest black bean soy sauce manufacturer.

Through the use of Computerised Monitoring Soy Fermentation System, KCC is able to consistently create optimal amount of amino acids with each production batch, the key element to healthy metabolism. Taking care of food safety without sacrificing authentic taste.

Soy Fermentation Automatic Cooling system
Traditional Sauce Artisan
NK Bean Steamer
Black Bean Fermentation
Soy Bean Batch Management
Computerised Soy Fermentation Monitoring System
Nantou Production Facility
Robotic Arm For Packaging